30/01/2016 09.20PM -Terrain generation updated to use 3d perlin noise(removes some bugs)
19/12/2015 01.34PM -Head rotation limited on planets and in the cockpit
-Control tutorial added in french and english
08/12/2015 07.10PM -Sound effects added for explosions,lasers,torpedoes and collisions
29/11/2015 01.54PM -Added player crafting system inside certain stations
15/11/2015 03.41PM -Changed planetary collision system to allow for larger objects (walls etc...)
14/11/2015 06.37PM -Industrial base now dockable
29/10/2015 01.23AM - -Rotational collisions
-GUI optimised again
25/10/2015 11.50PM - Energy system added
24/10/2015 01.12PM - -Infinite solar systems
-Minor AI changes
18/10/2015 12.36AM - Video has been made and uploaded
10/10/2015 01.13PM - Render optimizations
07/10/2015 08.23PM - 24fps limit removed
06/10/2015 09.21PM - -Planets now orbit there "parent" center of gravity
-Minor optimizations
03/10/2015 03.26PM - -Quadtree's implemented for terrain rendering
-Cockpit GUI optimized
-Ability to walk around mining space station
-Rocks added to planetary terrain
-Mining AI self defence tweaked
21/08/2015 02.27AM - Sun rays added
09/08/2015 12.51PM - Map Updated
02/08/2015 01.19AM - Shadows optimised
20/07/2015 02.49AM - Rendering optimised
19/07/2015 12.50PM - Shadows have been introduced
16/07/2015 03.39AM - Site has not been updated in a while, current updates:
-Planetary terrain added
-Terraforming added
-Normal mapping added
-AI tweaked
-trees on earth like planets added
-player side inventory added for terrain exploration
-Textures improved and optimised
28/12/2014 11:55PM - Asteroid belt added

Coming soon

-Uploading to steam greenlight
-tutorial will be improved
-Ability to land and walk around on more space stations
-Quests with voice acting
-Expanding of the inventory
-few minor tweaks to the AI
-more objects on planets
-planetary object selection
-equipement on planets
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